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We are proud to introduce KOZEN Fighter’s first standard kimono, available in both black and white. We have 7 people who train in our family and we currently own approximately 20 kimonos from different companies – men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. Our goal was to look at everything like we liked and didn’t like and come up with a better version.

We believe we’ve done that by developing a kimono that is durable, lightweight and better fitting combined with a distinctive, eye-catching design. Our vision, a great manufacturer and input from numerous top competitors in the sport of jiu-jitsu has resulted in a “must-have” kimono.

It features a 450gsm pearl weave jacket for a lighter, more comfortable fit. It has a durable rip stop foam collar as well as rip stop material inside the cuffs. Our distinctive logo on both shoulders and on the back set us apart from other kimonos on the market. The custom taping, labeling and “believe” symbol give it that extra edge.

KOZEN Fighter - Standard Series Kimono - 002 - Full

The rip stop pants feature a gold-weave crotch that lets you move in comfort. They come with a stretchy draw-string cord and belt loops so you can have securely tied pants that are going to stay put during training and competition. Completing the design is eye-catching contrast stitching on the seams as well as custom taping inside the pant legs.

It’s comfortable. It’s well-fitting. It has a fantastic design. This is the kimono you want to buy and it’s the kimono you’re going to want to wear every time you train or compete.


KOZEN Fighter - Standard Series Kimono - 002 - Jacket - Front
KOZEN Fighter - Standard Series Kimono - 002 - Jacket - Back

The words that appear on our custom taping represent what we consider to be the key components of jiu jitsu – skill, strategy, speed, strength, spirit and stamina. We believe that true success comes when a balance between each of these concepts is reached.

KOZEN Fighter - Taping


Our logo is literally the “face” of our brand. When first designing the brand we wanted something simple, balanced and distinctive. The name KOZEN itself is derived from, "Kosen", an early form of judo.

KOZEN Fighter - Logo Detail


Every achievement begins with the idea that it’s POSSIBLE -- the belief in yourself, your abilities, your training, your success. We strive to live our lives and practice jui jitsu with that idea in mind at all times.

When you believe you can, you can.

**PLEASE NOTE: These are designs of the actual kimonos we will have for sale. The pictures on our home page are from our prototypes and represent the style and fit of our kimonos. The original prototypes vary somewhat from our final design.

Adult Sizes

We will be offering all adult sizes (A1-A5)

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